Sigilwatch Consilium and the Board of Directors

The Sigilwatch Consilium and the Board of Directors

  • Tecton – Head Director Inter-Order Affairs and Head of Government
    - Obrimos -Archmaster of Forces and Prime, Master of Matter and Space
  • Ketcha – Director Infrastructure and Magical Resource Management
    – Thyrsus – Archmaster of Life, Master of Spirit, Time, and Fate
  • Wigtur – Director Training, Suppression, and Re-education
    -Obrimos – Archmaster of Prime, Master of Forces, Matter, Mind
  • Hippadron – Director Defense and Mission Integrity
    - Moros – Archmaster of Matter and Death, Master of Forces
  • Caldera – Director The Gauntlet, and External Propaganda
    - Mastigos – Archmaster of Mind, Master of Space, Master of Spirit

Senior Staff/Staff/ Handlers

Senior Staff, Staff, and Handlers work closely with the Directors to ensure the business of Sigilwatch and the larger Order operate smoothly.


  • Gaia – Thyrsus – Deputy Director for Inter-Order Affairs and Governance
  • Bali – Assistant DD for IOA
  • Ferrus – Assistant DD for Interstellar Infrastructure
  • Hiro – Assistant DD for Governance and Conspiracy
  • (Staff/Handlers(H)) Feenan(H), Andreas(H), Vesvia, Kilauea(H), Pinatubo


  • Malpheus – Moros – Deputy Director for Infrastructure/Magical Resource Management
  • Norn – Assistant DD for Infrastructure
  • Rexus – Assistant DD for MRM
  • Oakheart – Assistant DD for MRM Exploration and Exploitation
  • (Staff/Handlers(H)) Hotel, Graves(H)


  • Danton – Mastigos – Deputy Director for Training, Suppression, and Reeducation
  • Xena – Assistant DD for Training/Education
  • Caprica – Assistant DD for Suppression and Partisan Activities
  • Veldt – Assistant DD for Reeducation, Re-indoctrination, and Internal Propaganda
  • (Staff/Handlers(H)) Savint(H), Gulf


  • Bosphorus – Mastigos – Deputy Director for Defense and Mission Integrity
  • Shalloté – Assistant DD for Defense and Preparedness
  • Zerta – Assistant DD for Mission Integrity
  • Queeny – Assistant DD for Diversity, Discrimination, and Mental Reconditioning
  • (Staff/Handlers(H)) Zitta, Anatol(H)


  • Mercedes – Obrimos – Deputy Director for the Labyrinth and External Propaganda
  • Ptoth – Moros – Assistant DD for the Labyrinth (Intake)
  • Leneas – Assistant DD for the Labyrinth (Deflection)
  • Belmont – Assistant DD for External Propaganda
  • (Staff/Handlers) Eve(H)[Your Handler], Fatima(H), Carloequatil

Sigilwatch Consilium and the Board of Directors

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